The "GAMMA" range

Guaranteed energy savings and monochrome usage

The GAMMA range has been specially developed to allow the use of lighting effects by mixing monochrome-type colors, thus aiming to impact the animal.

GAMMA is available in 1 length format :

  • 6' or 1.8m with a power of 28W - 4000 lumens

GAMMA is a T10 monocoque Led Tube type linear luminaire intended for animal or plant lighting, using advanced electroluminescence technology that responds to the vision that humans consider beneficial for animal or plant productivity.

GAMMA has been designed with anti-corrosive materials while offering maximum sealing allowing it to operate at a low temperature ensuring better longevity of life.

GAMMA has a fixed color temperature (fixed Kelvin) and / or with a monochrome color mix, offering intensity adjustment (Lux), therefore it is considered to be part of the family of electronic luminaires in variable intensities.

GAMMA with its 6' - 28W T10 Led Tube version provides energy savings of at least 70% compared to the same lighting equivalence.

GAMMA is essential for your animal building projects, both in renovation and in new construction, and makes it possible to respond adequately to the vision that humans consider beneficial for animal productivity.

GAMMA is available in several versions mixing color temperatures (Kelvin) and / or use of monochrome.

GAMMA ensures quick and efficient installation both on steel cable and directly on the ceiling, and offers 1 electrical connection principles, namely: via quick IP68 connection under the "SQC" principle.

GAMMA comes with a 5 year product warranty.

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